Zaterdag 20 & Zondag 21 juni 2015 - ZOMERSPEL 2015 - SUMMER GAME FESTIVAL 2015

The first edition of ZOMERSPEL was an immediate hit. The unique concept and cosy atmosphere where at the heart of the event. This year the organisation choose ESKIMOFABRIEK as location for this game festival. Get into the 'Carribean Sun & Pirates' theme.... And you thought gaming is only for kids? No way... There is much more to experience.

At ZOMERSPEL you'll dive in the wondrous world of board games for 2 full days. Board game fans can fantasize about a huge library stocked with hot board games. They'll be able to play for hours. But also those who don't play games, will spend an incredible day. ZOMERSPEL is truly a festival with lots of activities, a cosy ambiance, good food and drinks. You'll meet new people while you play. The craziest adventures await and you'll go come telling the most unbelieving stories. We welcome you to discover this fun hobby!

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 Zomerspel 2015

Eskimofabriek | Wiedauwkaai 25 - 9000 Gent | event coördinator : + 32 483/22 27 78 | sales info : +32 477/44 16 09 |

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Wiedauwkaai 25 - 9000 Gent

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